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Culture of Life
K.V. Turley
London cemetery visit highlights duty to pray for souls.
Sunday Guide
Claire Dwyer
User’s Guide to Sunday, Nov. 17
Publisher's Note
Michael Warsaw
Joan Desmond
“This is a dangerous precedent for citizen journalism and First Amendment civil rights across the country,” said the Center for Medical Progress.
Steven D. Greydanus
Anna and Elsa’s relationship is a major improvement on the first film, and Kristoff gets a song this time, but in almost every other way this sequel is lost in the woods.
The Editors
EDITORIAL: For the new leader of the U.S. bishops, practical priorities are placed in the context of eternity.
Stephen Beale
While the McCarrick scandal indicates the need for further progress, many significant improvements to improve priestly formation have been instituted in recent years.
Edward Pentin
NEWS ANALYSIS: A set of ideological presuppositions, derived from the political left and also rooted in some strands of liberation theology, informed both the synodal discussions and the synod’s final document.
Hannah Brockhaus/CNA
Vatican meeting included the participation of executives from Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Paramount Pictures.
Courtney Mares/CNA
Pope Francis told those who are sick on Friday that the world needs their prayers.
Peter Jesserer Smith
The Catholic take on ‘Giving Tuesday’ phenomenon has become a national force since it began as a New Orleans Archdiocese initiative.
Solène Tadié
More families, inspired by U.S. example, choose alternative to public instruction.
Patti Armstrong
The Church and the sacraments bring peace at the end.
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