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Claire Dwyer
User’s Guide to Sunday, Nov. 18
Peter Jesserer Smith
Thomas Aquinas College gets green light for New England expansion.
Paul Kengor
COMMENTARY: Assessing the midterms
If the bill becomes law, it would ban abortions at around six weeks, or once a baby’s heartbeat is detected.
Cardinal Francisco Javier Errázuriz Ossa, a close adviser of Pope Francis, has left the Pope’s body of cardinal advisers.
Joan Frawley Desmond
An eleventh-hour Vatican directive blocks a much-anticipated vote on bishop-accountability reforms, but the USCCB president vowed to press for changes.
Father Raymond J. de Souza
COMMENTARY: While the annual gathering fell short, it may in fact have signaled a critical turning point on the road to reform.
Ed Condon/CNA
The bishops resumed their open-floor discussion on the recent sex-abuse scandals facing the Church in America on Wednesday.
Stephen Beale
Voters in two states approved pro-life constitutional amendments.
Objections that the resolution was redundant and ambiguous won out, and it was voted down by a clicker vote of 83-137, with three abstaining.
Matthew E. Bunson
An interview with sociologist Father Paul Sullins, whose new study documents a strong linkage between the incidence of abuse and homosexuality in the priesthood and in seminaries.
Steven D. Greydanus
Does Tinseltown’s latest Grinch honor the book?
From his lair on Mount Critic, SDG takes a look.
Jennifer Roback Morse
COMMENTARY: Church leadership won’t solve this current crisis unless it confronts homosexual practice among the clergy and especially the networks of homosexually oriented clergy operating to protect each other.
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